Rights and Obligations

Privacy policy

We are bound by confidentiality and will not inform third parties without your consent about your treatment with us.


We are part of the following professional associations:

NVPA (Dutch Association of Psychologists, Psychosocial Therapists and Agogues)

The objective of the NVPA is to ensure Dutch consumers, through its quality policy, that the consultations and treatments provided have official recognition in which quality and professionalism comes first.

NVRG (Dutch Associaton for Couples and Family Therapy)

The NVRG is an association of psychotherapists that promotes the quality of Couples Therapy and Family Therapy. The NVRG also supervises the quality of the training given to couples therapists and family therapists. Furthermore the NVRG deals with the scientific developments of the profession of couples therapy and family therapy.

RBCZ (Registry of Complementary health Care Practitioners)

The RBCZ association registers and certifies therapists in the complementary health care. This provides clear guidelines for therapists and clients. RBCZ protects the interests of both parties, and acts as a trusted intermediary between professional associations and health insurance providers.


If you are unhappy with your treatment, you must first speak to the treatment provider. If the results received are not satisfactory, you may then make a complaint to the NVPA association.