About us

Zelf In Relatie deals with the self in relation to the social environment. (Partner, family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, etc.)

We share the world with our fellow men. From an early age a child is taught to adapt to the social environment. We learn to speak the language by our parents and/or carers, arithmetic and writing, as well as the prevailing ideas about good and evil, who is important and who is not, and much more. With these adaptations, we create our social identity.

The problem arises when this social identity does not coincide well with the part of our personality that we really are and which we can call our 'Self'. This ‘Self’ is often unfamiliar territory for us. Solving problems that have arisen in the relationship between you and your environment there for means at the same time a quest in search for your own Self.

Our vision:

  • We work in an emancipatory way in which the clients learn to help themselves.
  • We aim to help people to learn to use their own personal resources and to use their strength in a better way.


At Zelf In Relatie we prefer evidence-based therapies, such as: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)


  • Bert Carlier
  • Patricia Carlier- Lopez