Couples therapy


Connectedness, distance and nearness are always important factors in our lives. Sometimes we do not manage to have the type of relationship we would like with our partner. 

This may be related to the old emotional injuries or personal emotional patterns, factors that influence the relational interaction. Couples therapy can help to face these impeding factors and create space to learn to relate with each other from a new perspective.

At Zelf In Relatie we work with couples preferably with Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).

Goals for couples therapy may be among others:

  • Learning to better use the positive sources of your relationship.
  • Build a relationship with mutual respect for the individual identity.
  • Finding a healthy balance between autonomy and connectedness.
  • Dealing with differences and conflict situations.
  • Learning to better communicate and negotiate personal wishes.
  • Clarify what the shared objective of the relationship might be.
  • Planning and organizing, so that both relationship and personal objectives can be achieved.