International Centre for Systemic Psychotherapy

Zelf In Relatie (Self In Relationship) is formed by a team of Systemic Psychotherapists with a NVRG postmaster registration.

Zelf In Relatie offers individual as well as couples therapy in English, Dutch and Spanish. Some of our individual treatments can be reimbursed by the Dutch health insurance (insurance basic or additional). See the conditions here.

In Zelf In Relatie, our starting point is that we as humans live in relationship with ourselves and with our environment. Sometimes we experience problems in this interaction, which can seriously influence our personal and psychological functioning. At Zelf In Relatie we want to help you with these problems.

Before you proceed with figuring out which counselling and/or therapy we can offer to you, we just want you to reflect on the following poem by the Spanish poet Antonio Machado:

Walker, your footprints

are the road, and nothing else;

walker, there is no road,

one makes a road by walking.

The road is made by walking

and looking back

one sees the path that never

will be trod again.

Walker there is no road,

just a wake in the sea…

Antonio Machado