International Centre for Systemic Psychotherapy

Every person lives in relationship and interaction with its social environment, and the people who take part in it. Sometimes problems arise in this interaction, which can affect both our Self and our personal functioning. At Zelf In Relatie we like to help you finding solutions to these problems.

Zelf In Relatie (Self In Relationship) consists of a team therapists with a post master degree in Systemic Psychotherapy: individual, couples and family.  With a professional NVRG and BCZ® registration.

We help you in English, Dutch and Spanish.

At Zelf In Relatie we work with adults and we offer:

  • Couples Therapy
  • Individual Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Coaching
  • Therapeutic Group Work

Before you proceed with figuring out which counselling and/or therapy we can offer to you, we just want you to reflect on the following poem by the Spanish poet Antonio Machado:

Walker, your footprints

are the road, and nothing else;

walker, there is no road,

one makes a road by walking.

The road is made by walking

and looking back

one sees the path that never

will be trod again.

Walker there is no road,

just a wake in the sea…

Antonio Machado